Toyota Partners with the Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games

Lost Pines Toyota is excited about Toyota’s partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. This partnership involves a new ad called “Mobility for All” which includes 100 people from all walks of life.

The video from Toyota Motor Corporation’s Global Official Channel shares 100 real stories and aims to show that Toyota is a mobility provider rather than solely an auto manufacturer — check it out below:

How Toyota Is a Champion for Mobility

What is Mobility?

Mobility is a term that has been used by auto manufacturers who would like to relate to the future era of self-driving and car-sharing vehicles. Toyota is dedicated to providing people with the chance to move freely. Why? Because it believes movement is a human right. The auto manufacturer is developing new forms of mobility to overcome today’s limitations and solve for future issues.

Start Your Impossible Campaign

Toyota’s Mobility for All ad is a part of a larger global marketing campaign called “Start Your Impossible” that will launch in 21 countries.

The purpose of the campaign is to inspire others to break barriers and achieve their dreams. It also holds Toyota accountable for finding solutions to mobility barriers that may limit human potential.

As part of the campaign, Toyota created a website called The site can be easily accessed by any user who is blind, visually impaired, or cognitively impaired. It was designed and coded in a way that will provide the same experience for all users.

Toyota Mobility Summit

To celebrate its partnership with the Olympic Games and The Paralympic Winter Games, Toyota hosted its first annual Toyota Mobility Summit in Athens, Greece. There was a live conversation with Akio Toyoda in addition to discussions with olympic athletes and global thought leaders led by Toyota’s Executive Vice President.

Toyota’s partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will raise global awareness of Toyota’s commitment to providing the freedom of mobility to people with various disabilities.

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