The 2018 Toyota Camry is here — what’s new?

All-new 2018 Red Toyota Camry driving

The all-new 2018 Toyota Camry is here, and it is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The 8th generation model comes the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which opens up the doors for upgraded engines, technology, and a new platform. TNGA is Toyota’s latest push to pursue higher performance by strengthening each Camry’s core components.

So why is the 2018 Camry so special? What makes it stand out from previous models and competing sedans? What do these redesigns, updates and the TNGA initiative mean for you?

It means an entirely new experience from Toyota. Just as athletes build their core strength to maximize their performance, Toyota’s TNGA means the 2018 Camry incorporates this unique feature to accentuate its stability, agility, and dynamic acceleration. These core components are compact but highly efficient, like the body of that well-toned athlete, making possible a pleasing, more comfortable cabin and action-packed design.

Besides providing an exceptionally smooth ride, the car responds exactly as you had imagined and becomes an extension of yourself. The spacious interior is a unique experience for all the senses. It’s highly intuitive interfaces communicate everything from fuel consumption to luggage space. The smart technology becomes like a tried and trusted tool, which enhances the driving experience. Environmental consciousness and quality of workmanship give Camry owners a sense of pride. The 2018 Camry takes care if you so that you can relax and simply enjoy the ride.


The bold, powerful body style brings authority and new life to the Camry. Sport-side rocker panels and the integrated rear spoiler captures the attitude and performance that is sure to make an impact on the road.


Its wide-open interior is all about giving you the space and controls you need. The redesigned seats are a combination of available leather trim and contrast stitching that gives the 2018 Camry its unique stylish look.

Entune 3.0

The Toyota Entune 3.0 multimedia platform helps you stay connected and entertained with features such as on board Wi-Fi, remote connect and apps suite connect for apps like Pandora and Yelp.


The upgraded safety features include pedestrian detection, steering assistance, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. These safety measures work together to provide you with a smooth and reliable driving experience.


And the performance is enhanced with the all-new 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, improved V6 and a newly developed Direct Shift 8-Speed automatic transmission. Plus with three available drive modes, the all new Camry gives you a perfectly tailor-made drive at the push of a button.


Our aim is to simply make ever better cars with a total rethinking of how to build our vehicles. Toyota is ever striving to build each vehicle with the next decade in mind. Visit Lost Pines Toyota today to test drive your 2018 Camry.

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